Terms of Use

Travelor LTD is a travel agency and therefore is essentially acting as a mediator between the traveler and the various service providers, especially in hotel bookings. The services offered on this site are made on the responsibilities of the various service providers.

Travelor LTD is not responsible in any way regarding any malfunctions due to faulty performance of services related to our service providers, or due to factors beyond doubt such as strikes, holidays, weather and so on. Reservations that have been conducted on one or more of the tourism services offered by the company Travelor LTD, is consent to all terms and conditions set forth in this section. Those sections are important and are related to various products.

Travelor LTD will not be required to refund any differences resulting from these changes, regardless of the date of making the reservation and / or confirmation.

It is hereby agreed by the customer that any claim against the company Travelor LTD, must be presented in writing to the Company no later than 30 days after the end of the customer’s vacation.

Terms of Payment

Several payment options are available:

Online payment by credit card:
You can fill in your credit card information appearing on the order form on site and make a safe purchase online that meets PCI-DSS standard. Travelor Ltd uses Cardcom, a company that meets PCI-DSS standard as a service provider at the highest level (Level 1).

Pay by phone:
You can call and make your reservation directly with our reservation department, also by giving your credit card information. The actual charge will be made only after final approval from the provider for your hotel reservation.

Our services prices:
Services offered by Travelor Ltd are typically lower than the official prices of the hotel itself. However, it is possible that at some point Travelor Ltd prices will be higher. Presented prices may change without further notice.

Confirmation duration time

Within 24 hours of the completion of your reservation, an email will be sent to you with your reservation details.

Amendment and cancellation policy

Further regulations, as presented in section 14c ( “the Act”) or the israeli regulations of the Consumer Protection (Cancellation) ( “the Regulations”) as follows:

7.1 According to the consumer protection laws, the client is allowed to cancel the transaction in writing, if the reservation has been made with cancellation policy, within 14 days of making the transaction or the date of receipt of the document containing the details, whichever is later, unless the date of cancellation of the transaction occurred within 7 working days prior to the start of service to remote sales or 14 working days prior to the start of service from that date forwarding in condition that the provided services are not for abroad.

7.2 In any event cancellation must be in writing via fax, fax 072-3345687, e-mail or letter, as the record date is the beginning of the next business day after receipt of the document at the travel agency. Travel Agency will confirm in writing the receipt of the cancellation notice.

If the day of receipt of the notification is a day of rest in the country / abroad, shall be considered the cancellation / change the first working day following.

The cancellation fee that will be charged for the cancellation will be 5% of the transaction value or 100 ₪, whichever is lower.

Travelor may cancel a transaction:
A. In case there is a mistake in the reservation details, such as its price or description.
B. In the event of technical failure or other malfunction.

A Secured Site – Buy with confidence

The information you provide us is confidential and safe with us. Travelor Ltd website uses Cardcom to swipe credit cards and it meets PCI-DSS standard as a service provider company at the highest level (Level 1). The information is provided only to realize your goals. We guarantee that all personal information provided by you will be used to realize your reservation and only will be used for your requests.