Social Revolution
in Tourism

Who are we?

Founded in 2014, Travelor started as a unique startup that cracked down on the method of lowering vacation prices around the world using social power.

Today, Travelor markets over 2 million accommodations in every destination in the world and works with leading international tourism companies, thus to achieve the most attractive price to its customers.

Travelor believes that in today’s technological age, booking a vacation should be simple and accessible to everyone. Therefore, Travelor has set itself the goal of simplifying the vacation booking process for the customer and significantly reducing vacation prices around the world.

Our clientele can easily and quickly find their preferred accommodation and book their vacation instantly, with no booking fees or credit card fees. We place emphasis on providing customer service, our clientele can contact us 24/7 for assistance with their booking, any time of day or night.

Comapny Team

Rafael Shmuel

VP of Business Development

Yossi Cohen

Founder and CEO

Uzi Tal-Peled

VP of Marketing

Yossi Cohen

Founder and CEO

Rafael Shmuel

VP of Business Development

Uzi Tal-Peled

VP of Marketing

Yaakov Dahan

Chief Technology Officer

Shira Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Tomer Eni

Chief Operating Officer

Evgeny Belyaev

R&D Manager

Simcha Akerman

Legal Department manager

Elizabeth Avraham

Business relations manager

Omer Ben Shimon

Customer relations manager

Dan Levitan

Customer service manager

Avi Dahan

Support department manager

2 million accommodations worldwide

With us you can book accommodation anywhere in the world

The most attractive prices in the market

We get you the best prices!

Search engine is easy and simple to use

So you can find the perfect place for you easily and quickly

Instant confirmation at the click of a button

Any room you choose with us is instantly approved. Your booking confirmation will be emailed directly to you

Secured booking

We use the most advanced security measures in the market so you can book your vacation comfortably

Full support 24/7

Our customer service is available to you 24/7, so we can answer your questions and act for you at any time

Our Partners

Travelor works directly with hotels and is connected to hundreds of suppliers around the world, from the biggest to the smallest. The search engine compares all the prices the company receives and offers the customer the best price. Thus, Travelor promises to always get the best price for the customer.

A little about our social power

Travelor started as a social startup, which cracked down on the method of significantly lowering holiday prices around the world. Travelor works with tens of thousands of agents from around the world, who are connected to our systems and book their clientele their vacation through the site.

Travelor operates a unique and innovative platform that supports its agents and facilitates the vacation sale process to the client. With these agents, Travelor creates a huge purchasing power and allows itself a powerful bargaining chip to lower holiday prices. So with our buying power, which is growing day by day, we continue to struggle with holiday prices and continue to lower them.

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